We are specialist for adapting 3D displacement sensors.
For optical 3D metrology of surfaces and fast shape acquisition VISTION develops customer-specific solutions or standardized solutions.
Each part, production process and customer need individual approach. This is also the only right sollution for the customers in the machine vision industry. Machine vision market aims to standardization of the equipment and this is quite a challange for integrators because it is hard to develope a standard solution when there is so many different details in each prodcution process.

So whatever you want to achieve, and no matter what your requirements and conditions, VISTION company will offer an optimum 3D sensor that will solve your problem. 3D sensors are able to adapt or modify at any point in the process, whether it’s a late manufacture or in the implementation phase.

This is the reason why company VISTION offer you the modular 3D sensor for your production process.
Our 3D displacement sensor offer you a lot of different tehnical opportunity, which we can integrate on the customer demands. This is our main advantage on the machine vision market.

VISTION’s 3D sensors contain following adaptable properties:


Ability to choose between different resolutions, speed of sensor and field of view.This is only right approach for your aplication. Please send us your product and production process demand.


In the industry we have a different geometric part and can get limited field of view. Becouse of this we have missed information on the picture. Aditional camera intergration to solve occlusion problems.


Generation of different signals for functional applications.Please send us your demand and we will offer you the right sollution.


Protective housing:

• IP 65 protection against water projections
• IP 67 protection against immersion


RGB-Color functionalities enables 3D contrast error diagnostic procedures and detection of surface defects. Color data is also used to perform esthetic grading of part quality.


To obtain the perfect contrast of colour pick between 3 coloured lasers:
• RED: Suitable for dark, matt and rough surfaces
• BLUE: Offers better resolution than red-coloured lasers. Suitable for transparent, organic or sillicon materials. Most common areas of usage are glowing metal and wood veneer.
• GREEN: Suitable for pointing on objects with extra visibility and brightness. At usage the laser forms a continious line.


VISTION builds individual software for 3D software according to arrangments and industrial standards. Emphasis is put on user friendly click-point interface, simplified vision programming and facile experimentation with modules.

A part of our long-term vision is sparing our customers the big pains. We handle all logical, mathemathical and algorithmic work just for You. VISTION covers 4 equally important scopes of industrial inspection:

  • 2D and 3D quality control
  • 2D and 3D measurement
  • Robot vision
  • Shape detection and matching


V25D sensors can build calculable 3 dimensional models to control automatic part sorting systems.

V25D sensors can correctly orient PCB components to achieve relativity with solder pads and seat position.

V25D sensors eliminates the challenge of reading black letters on otherwise unaccesible surfaces. V25D can accurately measure non contrast automotive parts.

V25D provides many solutions to problems that plague the wood industry such as: Product surface inspection, Control over shape, geometry, Identification of gaps, residue and Texture inspection.